Giving a tour with the right amount of energy, enthusiasm, and comprehensive knowledge is not easy. Kate has nailed it.

Hope springs eternal.

Thank you to those who expressed interest in my Wellness Walk. With the health of everyone in mind, I’m postponing the walks until it’s safe to do so again. We’ll all need time to heal, and I’m dedicated to helping you make that happen in a few months. In the meantime, walk safely and responsibly in our beautiful Prospect Park. I’ll be there, too. You can follow me on Instagram, @tourprospect if you’d like to walk with me virtually. And please share your photos, too.

Stay well,


We are in the midst of a tumultuous time that has been changing rapidly, and many of us have renewed gratitude for Prospect Park.

My special two-hour Wellness Walk will immerse you in the extraordinary mental and physical release that the Park was designed to provide. Using all five senses and maintaining our proper physical distance from each other, we’ll connect to the Park and to each other.

Get some fresh air and exercise and BREATHE while experiencing all the healing and beauty that the Park has to offer.

I’m offering a discount of $20 / person for groups of four or five and $25 / person for groups of three or fewer. It’s important to have a small group size to ensure that we can comfortably maintain the proper amount of distance from each other while fully appreciating the magic of springtime and our Park.

To book:

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